The Art of Plating Desserts

Not very many people appreciate the intricacy of a beautiful plated dessert. It is not an easy task. Making a tasty and mouthwatering dessert is difficult enough — more so deconstructing it and transforming it into an amazing plate of dessert. Coming up with various components and making sure that all the flavors mesh together into one perfect (spoonful) bite is definitely art on a plate.

Antonio Bachour Plated Dessert

When I was in pastry school, I was privileged to be mentored by master pastry chefs who taught me how to create beautiful works of art on a plate. This was something that I envisioned only in my dreams. It was mind blowing to me. But after I learnt firsthand how the art of plating desserts were constructed, it opened my mind to a whole new — and fabulous — world of pastry making.

Every time we dine in a restaurant where real plated desserts are served it brings me joy to see how a simple dessert is transformed into edible art. This is not very common here in the Philippines. Most desserts are served as a slice of cake drizzled with sauce or topped with simple cream. The appreciation that I have for a plated dessert goes beyond just being a dessert lover but as an art enthusiast as well. This is the art of plating.

This September, Chef Antonio Bachour will share to the Philippines his modern techniques in plating desserts. Many have witnessed pastry chefs demonstrate this craft but nothing close to learning hands-on and face-to-face with a world renowned master pastry chef. Chef Bachour is not only a talented pastry chef but a passionate teacher at that; and he will share his knowledge to his students firsthand for three straight days.

Just imagine Chef Bachour create his elegant yet modern masterpieces on a plate and learning it side-by-side with him is a true privilege.

A good number of people, even professional chefs, are intimidated in making plated desserts. I, for one, am not an expert in that craft. And to be able to polish up my skills taught by a master pastry chef is a dream come true. When I attended Chef Antonio’s Master Class on Entremets last year at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in Melbourne, I was devastated when the slots were filled quickly and I did not get to attend his Plated Desserts Master Class as well. A Plated Desserts workshop is not very common to find in a Master Class and as a pastry chef I jump at the opportunity when I encounter an event that teaches one. And again, imagine learning from one of the best in the world today…

Chef Bachour’s Coconut Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Sorbet

Even a pretty petit gâteau can be transformed into a beguiling plated dessert if done by a master. As featured in #18 so good.. magazine, the magazine of haute pâtisserie, Chef Antonio makes (in my opinion) a “plated dessert” by adding external components to his petit gâteau creation.

Bachour’s DULCEY 32% Mousse, Mango Cremeux , Coconut Water Jelly, Cocoa Macaron, Sable and Fresh Mango

Chef Bachour’s Plated Desserts Master Class in Manila wherein all pastry equipment, accessories, and ingredients that Chef Bachour commonly uses to create his masterpieces will be used and experienced by his students as well. Have you ever wondered how he makes those beautifully shaped entremets and petits gâteaux? Why his chocolates are silky smooth and perfectly tempered? How his mirror glaze are perfectly shiny and flawless? Why his pastries are incredibly tasty? A master still needs a bit of assistance to create his art. With the help of Pavoni Italia, Sweetlink, Inc., KitchenAid Philippines, Oster Philippines, Elle & Vire Philippines, Valrhona Chocolate, Sosa, Capfruit, Sicoly, Chef Antonio will get to teach his modern style techniques with ease.

Bringing a world renowned pastry chef with this much talent needs much attention to detail. It has been our goal since the very beginning — to make this experience memorable and truly worthwhile for both Chef Antonio and his students. He deserves nothing less.

I haven’t been a professional pastry chef for a long time. I haven’t had much experience work-wise in the professional pastry industry, however, I am discriminating as any gourmand can be. I still have a lot to learn and I crave to learn more every chance I get. As a relentless learner I demand to learn from the best and receive only the best. And I could confidently say that “I am my own customer.” This is what we strive to achieve for Bachour in Manila. We believe that we have created a special event that is spectacular while keeping it exclusive and personal.

Credits: All photos are owned and provided by Chef Antonio Bachour for the use of The Gastronomie Group.