About Us

Jhon&Jet The Two Gourmands

We are a pair of gourmands who are truly passionate about gastronomy. A sommelier. A pâtissière. It is our quest to share our zeal for food and wine to the community.

A Sommelier.

Jhon here, and my journey through wine began when my fiancée decided to chase her dream of becoming a chef pâtissière. In Paris, I signed up for cooking workshops and wine classes to keep myself busy and productive.

One class, one sip, opened up a whole new world for me. I was filled with emotion and desire.

I was quite nervous; because my knowledge for wine was as basic as night and day. I always had the idea that an education in wine was reserved for the select few who had a gift to decipher and breakdown the components of this beautiful beverage, much like coffee connoisseurs or “the nose” for perfume makers. I couldn’t be more wrong. As I sat in class for the first time, I was immediately captivated. One class, one sip, opened a whole new world for me. I was filled with emotion and desire. I wanted to learn more. I craved for more. I knew I found something I would be so passionate about.

Now back in Manila, my desire for wine hasn’t ceased a bit. I pursued my studies and acquired my WSET global certification for wine. I’m a contributing writer for Mega Magazine and Condo Living, wherein I write about – wine. I am also a wine consultant, doing workshops for wine enthusiasts. As I pursue my passion for the craft, I enjoy imparting my knowledge to those who are willing and want to learn more about wine. It is my hope that wine becomes a way of life, a lifestyle, in the Philippines as much as it is in other parts of the world.

A Pâtissière.

Hello, this is Jettee Torres (pronounced as Jet-teeh), a term of endearment that was born when a few of my close friends christened me with it.

I have a deep passion – and love – for pastry making and this is how I express myself.

I am a pâtissière, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Another feather added to my hat, I would say. I have a deep passion – and love – for pastry making and this is how I express myself. I have done a few personal projects in the past (before I became a certified pastry chef), which stemmed from deep-rooted emotions and, therefore, I appropriately called Jettee’s Kitchen Divine Handmade Pastries. Now I am on a personal pursuit to further share my ever-expanding knowledge and love for pastry making to others. How? When? Where? Enter The Gastronomie Group.

And to say the least, I love food. I love the emotion sensors that awaken in me when I taste good food. This is what I intensely learned living in France. Their love for life is intertwined with their love for food – and wine. It makes one confirm why the French has a saying “joie de vivre” because they have perfected the love for living life. And I feel blessed that this vigor rubbed off me while living there.

I wish to share my passion with you – thru food, particularly pastries! Nothing makes people come together more easily than desserts! And as the great Julia Child said,

A party without cake is just a meeting!

As the world grows and our love for gastronomy heightens, we share the love thru our ongoing projects.


A specialty food shop where we offer handcrafted, gourmet products and personally curated goodies that we find exceptional enough to share to the general market.

Bar à vin

You cannot go wrong with food and wine. Small plates. Well-curated selections of wine – of course. Modern French vibe.

La Pâtisserie

French inspired pastry shop with an authentic selection of entremets, tartes, gâteaux, viennoisserie and bread.

Wine Workshops

Conducted by our very own sommelier where wine enthusiasts have the privilege of learning about the wonderful world of wine, and learn the basics of food and wine pairing.

Pastry Workshops

We invite notable and uniquely talented master pastry chefs to share their extraordinary techniques to professional chefs and seasoned bakers in the country.

The Gastronomie Group, Events & Culinary Co. is a duly SEC registered General Partnership Company in Manila, Philippines.